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So, what’s the deal?

The web industry loves an event. Meet ups, expos, conferences, workshops, hacks, summits; new events seem to be springing up every week - a great indicator of an engaged, active community. As event producers, we’re in the privileged position of bringing amazing people together, and sharing the results and benefits.

But in 2015 we decided that, as the web event industry expanded, it was time to take stock and ask some hard questions. ConfConf was born; a group of like-minded people meeting in Birmingham for a full day of talks, discussion and debate. After the success of last year, we’re ready to roll again - to see how the landscape has changed, and which of our predictions came true!

ConfConf aims to challenge industry perspectives and recurring criticisms that plague tech events, providing a platform for open debate and discussion on matters such as diversity, inclusivity, enabling new talent and the current event landscape.

We want people to leave feeling enabled to improve their events with a range of new tools, tips and techniques, inspired by a clearer view of their motivations and contributions to the tech industry and above all, feeling that they are part of a supportive community, working towards a common goal.

How the day is shaping up



Marc Thiele headshot

The Human Side of Event Organisation - Marc Thiele

Good Events Managers understand what makes their audience, speakers and sponsors tick. But what kind of emotional roller coaster should we expect, as organisers?

Read more about Marc and his talk
John Davey headshot

Bums On Seats: Creative Solutions To Selling Tickets - John Davey

In a crowded market place, how do you reach your target audience, and persuade them that your event is exactly what they’ve been searching for?

Read more about John and his talk

Morning break

All Things To All People: Striving For The Impossible?

Thanks to our industry’s love of social media, tech events are scrutinised like no others. How has trial by Twitter affected the way that we approach event planning? Can events ever attain the Holy Grail, pleasing everyone?

Lunch break

Rachel Andrew headshot

What Do Speakers Really Want? - Rachel Andrew

We might think we know exactly what our speakers want and need to deliver a successful talk, but let’s hear from someone with some serious practical experience!

Read more about Rachel and her talk

What Does The Future Look Like For Tech Events?

The last few years have seen some big changes on the tech events landscape; big names going under, formats changing. This open forum provides some time to talk about the shifts we’re seeing, and chance to ponder the direction of future trends.

Afternoon break

Cat Hunter headshot

The Conference Survival Handbook: Extreme Edition - Cat Hunter

It’s a jungle out there. Everything that can go wrong at your event and how to fix it, from a battle-scarred veteran.

Read more about Cat and her talk

Closing remarks

Where will this amazing event be held?

M Shed, Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol, BS1 4RN

M Shed venue

Places to stay

If you are heading to ConfConf from out of town, there are a variety of hotels close to our venue in Bristol. One in particular is The Bristol Hotel - right on the harbourside! Contemporary design and classic comfort, this hotel also comes with a 10% discount when you book and mention The MShed.

The Bristol Hotel Address:
The Bristol
Prince St,

+44 117 923 0333


Available now for £99!
Includes full day conference, lunch, goodie bag & fab after party.

Who's making it happen

Ben MacGowan headshot

Ben MacGowan

Primarily a front-end developer, Ben has taken his passion for the digital industry and both regularly speaks at tech events and organises events such as Breaking Borders. With a strong background in theatre, Ben is no stranger to performing on stage and knows just how to capture an audience.

Cat Hunter headshot

Cat Hunter

Cat’s worked in the tech events industry for the last five years, running conferences for Carsonified, Future Insights and most recently Smashing Magazine. When not rushing round with a clipboard, she can be found strapping on skates with Bath Roller Derby Girls!

Our lovely sponsors

We are eternally grateful to all of the below sponsors, who made this event possible.

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